Is Working with a Recruiter Worth it? It Depends.

Ever wonder if it’s worth the cost to hire a professional recruiter for your healthcare staffing needs? It’s a very legitimate question. And the honest answer is: “Most often, yes. But it depends.” No matter how you slice it, hiring professional healthcare workers is an expensive endeavor, and even more [...]

Things You Wished You Knew About Managing Millennials in the NICU

Disclaimer: The content of this post is based on commonly accepted generational stereotypes and may or may not apply to individuals in your NICU. If you manage a team of neonatal nurses, chances are you’ve got a few millennials in the bunch. Technically speaking, what is a millennial? Today’s millennials [...]

Neonatal Telemedicine: The Next Big Thing?

When it comes to having a baby, every parent wants the same thing: a smooth birth and a healthy child. Some families, however, live in remote areas without access to neonatal intensive care units (NICU): If the birth proves difficult or the infant is in distress, parents are rendered helpless [...]

Something You Didn’t Know About the Nurse Manager Role

Perhaps you’ve noticed. Neonatal nurse managers have become more difficult to recruit and even tougher to retain. In fact, it’s been reported that the nationwide vacancy rate for nurse managers has currently peaked at 8.3%. And that’s not all. Today’s nurse managers are at increasing risk of work-related mental health issues due [...]

Is the NNP Role in Jeopardy?

Back in 2011, the ACGME cut back the duty hours of the residents and that had a major impact on the coverage they provided to NICUs across the country. Now, starting next month (July of 2013) we look to be facing an even deeper shortage of resident coverage in the [...]

3 Tips for Interviewing a Passive Candidate

While most hiring managers would love their perfect candidate to be an active job seeker, it's usually not the case. “I am looking for a new job and I want to work for you”. This is essentially the position of the active candidate. In a perfect world, your perfect candidate [...]

What is an APRN?

It is with great honor and respect I introduce to you our guest presenter for this month – Dr. Suzanne Staebler. Suzanne has a bio which is almost unrivaled. In addition to being widely published, a prominent invited lecturer, and having held numerous roles on NANN & NANNP Leadership Committees [...]

How to Attract the Best Nursing Staff, and Get Them to Stay

Most healthcare organizations promote the ideal that their "people are their #1 asset", yet some experience higher turnover than they’d like, or find that it’s a struggle to attract the caliber of candidates that would add the most value to their facility. This begs the question: How do you attract [...]

6 Ways Hiring a Locum Tenens NNP Can Help Your Facility

Although many hospitals have long since discovered the benefits of locum tenens and are taking advantage of them, far too many aren’t fully educated about their options in hiring for these positions. If your NNP team is stressed and overworked, or you’re paying too much in overtime and still falling [...]