If you interviewed today for the job you accepted years ago…would you still accept it?

We work with many candidates who have settled into jobs and adjusted to subtle changes that occur to their role over time — without giving it a second thought. In those situations, “career atrophy” sets in.

  • How can you avoid “career atrophy”?
  • Do you ever wonder if your current job is the right job?
  • Do you wonder if the right job is still waiting for you?

The simple solution is a no-cost, no-obligation Career Consultation

Because of our years of experience assisting professionals with their careers and specializing exclusively in your niche, we are uniquely able to coach you through the following questions so you can feel satisfied and fulfilled in your role.

  • Is your compensation competitive?
  • Is the NNP role respected at your institution(s)?
  • Is your case load appropriate?
  • Is your dream job currently available in your desired geographical location?

What to Expect

During your no-cost, no-obligation Career Consultation, one of our recruitment specialists will review your current employment situation and walk you through a completely confidential discovery process regarding your career. You’ll get to know us, and we will develop a key understanding of your unique needs and desires. We will compare and contrast your role with the role of NNPs in other parts of the country, giving you the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

We’ll provide you with:

  1. Salary benchmarking: how your compensation stacks up locally as well as in comparison to other parts of the country
  2. Discussion about current job opportunities that align with your career goals and objectives
  3. Summary analysis of the NNP role in your unit compared to others
  4. Open-ended Q&A with an ENSEARCH recruiter
  5. Free resume review and optimization

Many of our candidates had sold themselves short by neglecting to periodically evaluate their job in relationship to their career. Fortunately, we can help uncover opportunities and get on a track that is right for you. We suggest each and every NNP check in on a 3-5 year basis — or when considering a job change.

Whether you have questions or would just like to update yourself on the current industry standards and trends, you’ll discover perspectives and opportunities you had never considered simply by having a conversation with one of our dedicated specialists.