Locum Tenens Staffing

Typical turnaround time in providing qualified, hit-the-ground-running locum NNP resumes is 48 to 72 hours


Start the Locum Hiring Process


If your unit is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to consider hiring temporary staff 

  • You routinely have holes in the schedule
  • You have NNP vacancies you cannot seem to fill
  • Your current budgeted staff cannot effectively cover those periodic spikes in census
  • Your NNP team is stressed and overworked, leaving you concerned about staff burnout and turnover
  • You’re paying too much in overtime & not meeting your budgetary objectives
  • Your neonatal outcomes are approaching being in jeopardy

Additionally, locum NNP staffing is also a great way to “try out” a potential new employee before having them sign on the dotted line. Many of our clients have transitioned our candidates from locum NNPs to direct hire employees. It was a great way for both sides to get a much better feel for each other than just a series of one-hour interviews spread out over one or two days.

What hiring managers are saying about ENSEARCH

We had less than seven weeks to identify, schedule, and credential a team of NNPs. Tim Mattis and his team at ENSEARCH quickly identified NNP locum candidates, conducted preliminary screening, and worked with our staff every step of the way as we made our selections and filled out the schedule. But ENSEARCH didn’t stop there. Tim and his team provided important guidance and feedback to us as we developed our operational plans, and he ran interference when the inevitable credentialing/paperwork roadblocks surfaced. What should have been a difficult, if not impossible, task was made easy thanks to ENSEARCH.
Chief Operating Officer, Florida
We contacted ENSEARCH in late April with an urgent need to staff two facilities with NNPs. Within 24 hours, we were receiving profiles on candidates willing to come and serve in our facilities. The ENSEARCH staff worked tirelessly to get our facilities covered and in less than 3 weeks had given us more than 15 profiles. I have found the staff at ENSEARCH to be forthright, trustworthy and excellent at follow through.
VP of Clinical Resources, MidWest