Ace Your NNP
Phone Interview

You’ve got your foot in the door… now what?

To ensure your candidacy progresses from the phone interview to the on-site interview stage has a lot to do with your degree of preparation. As the old adage goes: fail to plan; plan to fail.

To avoid falling into that trap, we’ve put together some tips to help you ace your phone interview.

Our recruiter's checklist includes:
• Preparing yourself, physically and mentally
• Preparing your environment and surroundings
• Preparing your equipment and things to have at your fingertips

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NNP Phone Interview Success Checklist


They reviewed my resume and helped me in the interview process. Tim helped guided me throughout, giving me insight as to what to expect during the phone and on-site interview. They served as a great liaison between the hospital institution and myself and were very responsive. As an extra perk, they also made available an interview prep and coaching session and assisted with my compensation negotiation, and were able to negotiate a desirable salary for me.


— Ana B, NNP