Ace Your On-Site Interview

34 questions to ask during your on-site NNP interview

Oftentimes it’s not the most qualified applicant who gets offered the job, rather it’s the one who interviews the best. Most people spend the majority of their time preparing for the interview by formulating responses to anticipated questions. To really stand out it’s important to ask insightful questions. This demonstrates to the interviewer you actually spent time planning and preparing for your interview, having done your due-diligence.

Question topics include:
• Unit
• Role
• Leadership
• …and more

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I have interviewed several times in my career but I learned a tremendous amount from the coaching session we had over the phone the day before my on-site interview. It was so helpful, things I never would have thought about he explained in a whole new way. I will value this information for many years to come and should I need to interview again I will use the knowledge I learned in this session.

— Heather M, NNP