Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ever submit my resume or qualifications without my prior knowledge or approval?

A: Unlike other firms, we never submit any information to a potential employer without your approval. Doing so can create potential harmful effects on your candidacy in the short and long term.

Q: How long has ENSEARCH been in business and how long in this industry?

A: ENSEARCH was started in 1992 and has been placing NNPs exclusively since 1994.

Q: Will I ever be charged for your services?

A: Our services for candidates are absolutely free, so you never incur any costs by partnering with ENSEARCH.

Q: I want to wait to contact you until I am sure I want to make a job change. Is this a good idea?

A: The simple answer – don’t wait any longer to give us a call! If you’re asking this question your intuition is telling you something and it’s wise to listen to it. Call us for a no-cost, no-pressure career consultation to explore your options. Regardless of the outcome, we think you’ll be glad you did.

Q: Will I ever be pressured into accepting an opportunity you present?

A: With ENSEARCH there is no ‘hard selling’. Our goal is to present you with enough information and options for you to be able to make an informed choice.

Q: Will you help me with licensure/credentialing?

A: To the extent we are allowed to — yes. When we partner with you, we are there for you for your entire career – not just during your job search. We regularly assist with licensure, credentialing and anything else that might be a challenge during a transition.

Q: Can you help me with the offer negotiations?

A: We assist you every step of the way through the search and hiring process (and beyond!), including offer negotiations, so you never have to worry about being alone during any part of the process.

Q: As a new or soon-to-be-grad, when should I start looking for a job?

A: Typically we advise soon-to-be grads to start looking 3-4 months prior to graduation, but your situation may be unique. Please call us at 888.NNP.JOBS (888.667.5627) to discuss your specific situation and what timeline might be best for you.

Q: Will working with you mean less money for me in my job offer?

A: More often than not it’s not the most qualified candidate who gets hired for the position; it’s the one who interviews the best. And with our unparalleled interview coaching, coupled with the added insight we can provide about the opportunity, your candidacy will always have a leg up on your competition.

Q: Do I really need a recruiter? 

A: Most of our candidates decide to use our services, rather than conducting their search on their own, for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few:

  • With our years of specialization in NNP recruitment, more often than not we have direct access to the actual hiring authority, getting your candidacy right to the decision-maker.
  • In today’s world of multiple commitments, many of our candidates simply do not have the time or energy to deal with the non-essential aspects of the job hunt, leaving that to us.

Q: How do I choose a recruiter?

A: Great question. There are many factors which play into selecting the “right” recruiter for you. Here is a list of questions to ask of a recruiter who contacts you, asking to be your representative.

Q: Would a recruiter really be able to help a new grad?

A: Oh yes, by all means. All new grads are not alike; we know that as do our clients. By getting to know you, and having the in-depth insight of our client’s needs, we are able to customize the presentation of your candidacy to each individual client. In essence, your candidacy is tailored to their exact needs.

Additionally, we know which employers are “new grad friendly”…or not. As a matter of fact, we have many clients who tell us they actually prefer hiring new grad NNPs.