For Hiring Managers

Our top priority is your bottom line

Every step of our search process is designed with your end result in mind — hiring the best fit for your unit.

After more than 20 years as the industry’s most trusted search firm in neonatal nursing, our experience, resources, and candidate relationships are unmatched. We’re proud to offer you recruitment plans tailored to efficiently meet your staffing needs while assisting you in hiring the best talent available.

Comparative Needs Analysis

for new clients

Before getting started, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation Comparative Needs Analysis. One of our recruitment professionals will learn about your unit and can present you with comparative industry information including the role, pay, and shift configuration for NNPs in your unit compared to others.

  • One of our recruitment professionals will learn about your opening and can present you with comparative industry information including the role, pay, and shift configuration for NNPs in your unit compared to others
  • We’ll wrap up with an open-ended Q&A session and begin customizing a search plan to meet your requirements
  • One-on-one opportunity with our tenured (professional) recruitment team
  • Development of a customized search plan to meet your criteria

Schedule a Comparative Needs Analysis

Customized Search Plans

Over the years, we’ve formed relationships with the industry’s 5,000+ neonatal nurse practitioners. We regularly maintain an up-to-date database of our candidates and are constantly building new relationships that can be leveraged on your behalf. This immediate and unparalleled access to the most comprehensive database of NNPs available is the edge which allows us to provide you with timely presentations of well-qualified and pre-screened candidates.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. By knowing the nuances of your industry, all candidates presented will not only be qualified, but pre-screened for their interest level as well.

  • We understand your needs the first time you talk with us
  • Receive not only highly qualified candidates, but the best-suited to your opportunity
  • Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake and interviewing the wrong candidates is a costly and unnecessary expense. By partnering with a specialized search firm, you benefit in your hiring process and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having professional support on your side

Candidate Pre-screening

We understand each of our clients’ needs are specific and unique, so we do not take on a “one-size-fits-all” approach…..we will listen to your needs, sense of urgency, priorities and financial considerations. From there — and not until then — we will suggest a search plan and methodology best suited for your specific situation. To do so otherwise is “prescription without diagnosis” which is equivalent to recruitment malpractice.

  • We offer: Contingency, exclusives, fully-retained, partial-retained, and hybrids of other retainer plans.
  • Each client’s needs are unique and specific.
  • Is your job opening time sensitive or not?
  • Do you need this search conducted on a retained or contingency basis?
  • Should I be utilizing the services of more than one search firm…or not?

Industry Insight Consulting

With ENSEARCH, you’re never alone. We understand our role does not cease once a resume is submitted. We remain your trusted partner throughout the entire hiring process. We are there to not only help shoulder the load but to provide the invaluable insight so many of our existing clients have come to rely upon. We team up with top-name educational institutions, maintain the most up-to-date proprietary salary survey information available, network with many of the industry’s key decision-makers and sponsor and exhibit at neonatal conferences nationwide. Then, by staying on top of our industry and trends, and maintaining strong relationships with our candidates, we help you stay one step ahead of the game.

  • Because of our industry excellence, you get more than just a recruiting firm
  • Availability for ongoing client consulting
  • Trusted extension of your facility or practice
  • Our service to you does not cease once a resume is submitted

Your NICU is specialized – shouldn’t your NNP recruitment firm be?

Get started today with a no-cost, no-obligation Needs Analysis and discover the ENSEARCH difference.