One of the pitfalls of a job search is feeling like you’re doing everything you can when you’re actually not laser-focused on your goals. It leads to faster burnout and precious wasted time.

So, it’s time to get real. Are you serious about your NNP job search? Here are five signs that you are.

1. You’re asking, ‘what, why, who, where, and when?’

These are four questions a candidates of mine will inevitably answer during an introductory discussion. Their responses tell me whether they are passively gathering information or actively seeking a job.

Which category are you in right now, and how do you know?

2. You know what you’re looking for

A title change, transport opportunities, a break from 24-hour shifts?

3. You know why you’re seeking a change

The most common reasons for candidates relocating are  poor collegial relationships with doctors , issues with a peer, shift reconfiguration , role change, too high of a case load, licensing jeopardized by pressure to work outside of the scope of practice, spouse relocation or, our favorite – seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow their careers.

4. You’ve thought about location

Whether it’s wanting to be closer to parents, being fond of the temperate desert, missing the soothing sounds of the ocean, or having four seasons, you have specific criteria in mind already.

5. You know when you want to make a change

We understand as much as you that there is always a timeline to consider when making a big change. Maybe you have a child graduating from high school next year, are waiting until after vesting kicks in, or for post-DNP completion. Understanding your timeline is key.

The passive candidate will kick the tires

Passive candidates may be curious about the market and will inquire, “what’s the salary range for the NNP job in the Midwest?” They won’t have talked to their best friend about making a change. They feel the itch but won’t scratch it.

The Passive Candidate will peruse the internet job sites knowing there is something better out there, but remains complacent.

The job seeker will drive the car

Job seekers already have their resume up to date, and will have gotten their significant other on-board with the plan. If they’re single, they’re ready to jump in. It’s an exciting time, and the world is open to the Job Seekers. When opportunities are presented they are ready to sift through many and focus on a select few.

So, are you a passive candidate or a serious job seeker?

Many people I have spoken with, at the initial part of our conversation “believed” they knew….but after hearing a few thought-provoking questions, changed their minds.