Many new grads, and even NNPs back on the job market after several years in one position dive back into the job market feeling prepared.

The reality, more often than not, is that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Are you one of them? Here are the 5 most common warning signs that will tell you whether or not you need to stop what you are doing, pick up the phone and call your NNP recruiter.

1. You don’t know what the standard industry average is across the nation for NNP salaries

Candidates who don’t know this often find themselves out of the running for a job if they have a salary requirement that is too high, or worse, leave money on the table by undercutting themselves in their desired salary request.

2. You haven’t had anyone qualified review your resume

Are you aware of what you may have left on your resume that can disqualify you from the position you’re applying for? What about what you may have left out because you thought it was irrelevant but is in fact crucial?

Never send out your resume out until you’ve had it reviewed.

3. You’re not prepared for the NNP interview 

  • Did you know that every interview has three stages?
  • How much do you already know about your interviewers?
  • Do you know what to bring with you to your interview?
  • Do you know what NOT to do in the NNP interview?

4. You don’t know how to effectively answer ‘the money question’

You will inevitably be asked about your salary requirements. Are you prepared to effectively answer this question? Would you bet thousands of dollars on it?

5. You aren’t aware of how potential employers are stereotyping you

Know how to leverage their stereotype in your favor and avoid the stereotypes that can harm you.

Have any warning signs of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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