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About Tim Mattis, Founder, ENSEARCH Management Consultants

Tim Mattis is the Founding Principal of ENSEARCH Management Consultants. He has been a search executive since 1983, and has been placing NNPs since 1994. Tim's goal is to offer clients and candidates an environment of respect and professionalism while nurturing close personal and professional relationships.
Job placement for neonatal nurse practitioners

The Right Way to Write Your Cover Letter

I often compare the hiring process to dating or parties. The interview is like a private exclusive party, and you need to have an invitation to get in. Your resume is your invitation, and if it’s not the right invitation, the bouncer is going to turn you away at the [...]

Didn’t Get a Call Back on Your Resume? This is Why.

One of the most common pitfalls for candidates during their job search is to exclusively submit their resume via the employer’s online application process. Most candidates take it for granted that submitting a resume online is the only avenue available to them, and that it’s automatically getting in front of [...]

What You Don’t Know About Offer Negotiations Can Hurt You

Most people are so caught up in their NNP salary they don’t realize how much they might be missing out on in their overall offer package. We emphasize to our candidates, you’re in an offer negotiation, not a salary negotiation. Here is what you need to know. Some things are not [...]

Is the NNP Role in Jeopardy?

Back in 2011, the ACGME cut back the duty hours of the residents and that had a major impact on the coverage they provided to NICUs across the country. Now, starting next month (July of 2013) we look to be facing an even deeper shortage of resident coverage in the [...]

3 Tips for Interviewing a Passive Candidate

While most hiring managers would love their perfect candidate to be an active job seeker, it's usually not the case. “I am looking for a new job and I want to work for you”. This is essentially the position of the active candidate. In a perfect world, your perfect candidate [...]

What is an APRN?

It is with great honor and respect I introduce to you our guest presenter for this month – Dr. Suzanne Staebler. Suzanne has a bio which is almost unrivaled. In addition to being widely published, a prominent invited lecturer, and having held numerous roles on NANN & NANNP Leadership Committees [...]

3 Steps for Avoiding Job Seeker Burnout

"I’ve put so much time and energy into this. If I keep going, how do I even know it will pay off?" "There’s no guarantee I’ll even get a job..." "I’m on my own, I can’t do this for much longer…" If any of these thoughts are going through your [...]

How to Find NNP Jobs That Aren’t Posted Online

Have you been searching everywhere for the perfect job, and just can't seem to find it online? If it’s out there, we’ll find it for you. Not all recruiters are created equally. In fact, many people aren’t even aware there is a difference between an employment agency and a search [...]

Does Your Handshake Matter? An Unexpected Success Tip for First Impressions

If you were raised in the same kind of home as I was, you were probably taught at an early age by your parents that there was only one proper handshake. You know — the one with a firm grip and just a couple pumps for the shake. I recall [...]

Get Paid to Travel as an NNP with Locum Tenens Positions

Have you ever considered working as a  locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner, or maybe even done it before? What was your experience? Locum tenens is an opportunity for NNPs and other medical professionals to spend an amount of time, ranging from a few days per month up to a few [...]