National NICU Benchmarking

Exclusive industry insights from the NNP recruitment experts.

Nationwide Hiring Insight

Discover comparative industry information both regionally and nationally in the following areas:

  • NNP role utilization
  • Staffing and scheduling models
  • Caseload comparison
  • Compensation and other perks
  • Reporting structure

Compensation package comparison: how yours stacks up locally and in comparison to other parts of the country.

Exclusive Insight

How attractive is your role perceived in recruiting and retaining NNP staff?

This is a driving factor in NNP recruitment — don't be in the dark on where your unit stands.

Compensation Competitiveness

Staffing and Coverage

Role Analysis

Caseload Comparison

Balancing coverage, patient wellbeing, and job satisfaction is a juggling act. Gain insight that will help you make sounds decisions.

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Discover how your NICU environment compares to others on both a regional and national basis. In addition to merely assisting you with filling your hard-to-fill NNP positions, we are also available as your resource:

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