Think you’re the only one who is being interviewed during your neonatal job hunt?

Think again.

In addition to being interviewed, you’ll be interviewing many potential employers yourself.

However, the very first interview you should conduct will be the one with your recruiter. Before choosing to place your trust in a recruiter during your NNP job search, ask these ten questions…and make sure you are satisfied with the answers.

1. Do you ever submit my resume or qualifications without my prior knowledge and approval?

Your NNP recruiter should keep you informed every step of the way in finding your perfect neonatal job. They should never make decisions for you. There are many critical risks associated with having your resume submitted without your consent, and your recruiter should also be able to explain those to you.

2. How long have you been a recruiter of  neonatal nurse practitioners, and how long in this industry?

Because recruiting for NNPs is a niche industry, many of its recruiters are new to the field.  Even though a firm may have a long history in recruitment, they may not be familiar with  the neonatal nurse practitioner job market.

This unfamiliarity not only impacts the relationships the recruiter will have with hospitals, hiring authorities, and other key decision makers, it will greatly affect their ability to represent you as a qualified candidate.

3. Can you tell me about 3 recent successful NNP placements? 

If they can’t answer this question, run!

This is a red flag. There is a level of hard work and dedication that goes into matching the right candidate and client to create a lasting, mutually beneficial fit. If your recruiter isn’t making the investment to place you in the right position, everyone will lose.

Your future is on the line, so don’t take a chance on an NNP recruiter who is willing to ‘match’ you with a position in which either you or your employer will not have your needs met.

4. Is your client contact predominantly with HR, or the actual hiring managers?

This should be a no-brainer, but few candidates think to ask this question. One of the many reasons to use a recruiter is to gain direct access to hiring managers. You don’t want a firm who is going to repeat the same process you would go through without them.

5. Will you coach me through the interview process?

We have been told by many of our candidates that our interview preparation is second to none, and have also learned it’s not necessarily the most qualified candidate who gets the offer, but the one with the best interview. Because of this, we see interview preparation as one of the most valuable tools a recruiter can offer you.

The thing is, most of them do not, so be careful not to overlook this critical element.

6. If I were to use you as my recruiter, what could I expect?

When we say we’re with you every step of the way, what do we mean? We believe you deserve the best offer possible, so we make it a priority to provide each and every one of our candidates with resume review and preparation assistance, give coaching through the interview process, and ensure the best possible offer package on your behalf.

Don’t settle for an NNP recruiter who isn’t 100% there for you, and also working to ensure the best possible fit for the hiring hospital.

7. Would you explain the steps of your recruitment process to me? 

At times, the recruitment industry has had negative associations attached to it because of unethical recruiting practices. Can you say ‘headhunter’? Your NNP recruiter should be completely transparent. If after talking to them, you’re still not convinced, trust your gut and move on.

8. Can you provide me with three references?

Your NNP recruiter should be prepared to earn your trust. Always ask for references and never feel bad about it.

9. Can I expect to have a collegial relationship with you? 

Your relationship with your NNP recruiter is a partnership. Reaching the ultimate goal of a job offer and acceptance will take cooperation and commitment from both parties.

10. Will I ever be charged for your services?

Using an ethical recruiter should NEVER cause you to incur a recruitment fee. All costs are covered by your employer.

So, how did the interview go? If you are not completely satisfied with the answers you receive, move on to the next firm.

We hope you’re excited about your neonatal job search. Good luck!


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