Why are NNP Job Openings so Hard to Fill?

That one NNP opening. You know the one I’m talking about — the one you just can’t seem to fill. The one you lose sleep over. Yeah, that one. The NNP role is a crucial one, which is why you’ll find it harder to fill than most other health care [...]

Dealing with Loss and Mortality as an NNP

How to cope with mortality and come back tomorrow without falling apart.   I still remember the unusual quiet that fell over the unit that morning as I clocked in for my shift. As I walked past the hallway, my eye caught a little butterfly postcard on the door. To [...]

Hidden Reasons for the NNP Shortage, and Why You Should Take Action Now

If you’re having a difficult time recruiting exceptional NNPs, there’s a good reason. For the last several years, community hospitals have suffered a national shortage of qualified NNPs.  At the same time, research predicts that, by 2022, the demand for qualified NNPs will grow by 33% — higher than average [...]

8 Strategies for Adjusting to a New Work Environment

Anyone who has ever started a new job can appreciate how difficult it is to get “settled in.” So much information to absorb; so many new rules, systems, and workarounds to learn. And so little time to get up to speed. Adjusting to a new work environment is downright stressful. [...]

How to Retain Your Top NNP Talent

As a healthcare professional, you know that qualified neonatal nurses are in short supply. If you recruit NNPs, you may also know that the demand for these exceptional practitioners is predicted to grow by 33% over the next few years. Finding and hiring qualified NNPs is a daunting task. Once you [...]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Asking for a Raise

You’ve been on the job for a while now. You frequently receive recognition for the high quality of your work. Your patients adore you; your colleagues respect you. But when it comes to your paycheck, you’re not feeling the love. Or, maybe you found out that a colleague is earning [...]

Strategies for Avoiding an Impulsive NICU Hire

Neonatal nurse practitioners work on the very front lines of family and patient care. It’s so important to hire NNPs who are the best fit for your facility and dedicated to providing quality care. Match the needs of your facility When you find a candidate who graduated from a prestigious [...]

How to Ask Excellent Questions During an Interview

Congratulations! All your hard work finally paid off: you’ve landed an interview for a neonatal nurse position, at a top-notch facility.   How to land the job Believe it or not, it isn’t the most qualified candidate who lands the job— it’s the one who interviews the best. So, of [...]

Recruiter Fees: Making the Choice Between Contingency or Retainer

After gaining a deeper understanding of retained vs. contingency search fees, how do you determine which one fits your unique needs? From my point of view, it depends on the level of service and attention you seek from your executive recruiter. When contingency is better If you only have one [...]

Maintaining Confidence During Job Offer Negotiations

From time to time, we all experience fear in our lives. Our hearts flutter when we hear strange noises at night. Our adrenaline surges after a near traffic collision. Our stomachs lurch when our children get into trouble at school. For many, negotiating a job offer can be just as [...]