(Relocation Blog Series: Part 3 of 3)


Deciding to relocate to a new area requires a great deal of planning and preparation, as we have seen in part 1 and part 2 of our series on relocation. For the final section, we are addressing the most challenging scenario for deciding to move. How do you relocate when you have a partner?

Don’t fear. This does not have to be an impasse. It can be decided by working through these careful steps.


Deciding Priority

Let’s face it. Deciding which career in a relationship is a priority can be difficult as each partner wants to contribute to the relationship. But it is beneficial to decide on paper which career takes precedence and which one takes second priority. 

Sometimes, there is a desire not to accept a job until both candidates have solid job offers in hand. And although that sounds ideal, it rarely happens. Most of the time, one of them has a great offer in hand, and the other might only have a few leads for the future — or at best, a potential interview or two.


Addressing the Money Issue

So what do you do, if only one of you had an offer in hand and the other did not? Whose career would trump the other? Who puts their job search in the second position? (Yes, it is touchy, we know!) It is always best to have this difficult conversation before starting the job search process. Waiting until the last minute could jeopardize your situation with the future employer of your dreams. 

This is a very personal question to be decided by you too, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Compensation: if one makes significantly more money, that may be the deciding factor.
  • Do you need both incomes where you will be living? 
  • An open job offer does not last forever; give yourself a set date to make the decision
  • Seek emotional advice and professional help through this stressful time. The more you can separate out your wants versus needs in the relationship, the easier it is to decide. 


Your Partner’s Employment

As you begin searching for your future position, it is good to remember that for your partner, some jobs are easily transferable. Positions such as a bookkeeper, salesperson, or software engineer could conceivably obtain employment almost anywhere in the country. Some companies like the postal service or Apple have job positions all over the United States in which they could apply for a transfer.

However, with NNPs, there are less than 1,500 hospitals that utilize NNPs. So, those jobs will typically be much more scarce. All other things being equal, that alone may make the NNP job quickly the P1 career.


Be Supportive 

“Relocating for your career can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever face,” says Experience Magazine. Because of this, stepping back and supporting your partner is crucial throughout all the various phases of moving. It is physically exhausting packing boxes, but it is even more mentally and emotionally taxing, realizing that you are leaving the place you grew up in. You both may be saying goodbye to family and friends and facing a future that you’re unsure about, and it is alright to allow these emotions to come forward. 

The critical thing to remember is to be supportive of each other throughout all stages of the relocation process. 



Initially, the excitement of relocating to a new area is thrilling, but when you sit down and start to crunch the numbers, it can become difficult. But remember, difficult is not impossible; nor is it a reason to avoid making a decision.  As you decide on which income is the priority and future changes, just know that this is actually a new beginning for both of you. The future awaits, and so does your new relocation position!


Any success stories out there? How did you and your spouse relocate? What steps did you utilize during the process? Shout out in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!


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