4 Essential Job Interview Tips for Nurses

You’re an over-achiever, and you probably work harder than anyone you know. Getting  this far in your career means this isn’t your first interview. Still, many recent grads and long-time nurses back on the job market find that the job interview comes with many twists and turns that set it [...]

What Are the New Guidelines for the NCC Exam?

As you probably already know, the NCC guidelines for the certified neonatal nurse practitioner have been recently changed. What does this mean for you as a certified NNP? We’ll outline it for you here, and provide you with the resources to learn more. Firstly, once you have passed the NNP [...]

Your Recruiter: The Ultimate Job Search Wingman

Unless you come from a long line of nurses, your friends know everything about your industry, your co-workers discuss the intimate details of your plans to relocate, and you have a boss who doesn’t mind the fact that you’re looking at positions elsewhere, who can you confide in and lean [...]

When Should a New NNP Grad Start Looking for a Job?

Firstly, this title is misleading. As a nurse practitioner, life after graduation actually begins long before graduation. If you’re not already planning for the next step (employment), you need to be. But what exactly does this mean to a neonatal nurse practitioner? Here is what new nursing grads need to know about their job [...]

4 Things Every NNP Should Know About Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary

As a neonatal nurse practitioner, or recent or soon-to-be grad, do you know what the national average neonatal nurse practitioner salary is? We assist so many candidates who have no idea what the standard industry average salary is across the country for a neonatal nurse practitioner. Once we quote them [...]

10 Reasons to Use a Recruiter for Your Next Nursing Job Search

Whether you’re a new  grad or a seasoned veteran, a job change (or getting one in your field for the first time) can be daunting. It’s also an opportunity to re-evaluate your work environment and neonatal nurse practitioner salary potential. Knowing all of the options before striking out on your [...]