Is the DNP Worth It?

There’s been a great deal of controversy over the DNP and how is that different from an MSN program or even a PhD. Do you introduce yourself as a doctor? What’s the role in the unit? If you get your DNP does that mean you are committed/interested in administration or [...]

11 Hacks to Make Your Work Life Easier

What’s the one thing that would make your work life go more smoothly? If you’re stressed out before you even get to work, if you feel like a whirling dervish throughout the day — maybe you could use a few shortcuts to get you through your shifts more easily. Here [...]

How to Network Like a Pro at Neonatal Conferences

Are you networking the right way? Of course, everyone will meet people and build their professional worlds a bit differently. But are you networking passively in your day-to-day, or putting off making important connections until you’re ready for a job change, or to pitch a project? Last minute ‘networking’ makes [...]

7 Ways to Stay Positive in Your Daily Nursing Practice

As with any selfless profession, nursing isn’t for the faint-hearted. As a nurse practitioner, you play the role of hero every day, providing critical, life-saving care and leaving lasting impressions on the lives you touch. But, with the high-intensity and high-performance of this profession, there can be unwanted side effects, [...]

Want to Feel More Appreciated at Work? Here’s How

The role of the neonatal nurse practitioner is one of the most pivotal in your unit. As such, consistent constructive feedback and ongoing appreciation are important as you engage in life-saving work. As nice as it is to feel consistently valued by those around you, we know that it isn't [...]

The Fastest Way to Get Your Resume to a Hiring Authority

Ever wonder where your application goes after you send it? If so, you’re not alone — we all wonder the same thing. The truth is, nobody knows for sure. The one thing we do know is that the application, interview, and hiring process is faster when it begins with the [...]

This is How Selective You Should Be in Your First NNP Job Search

Finally. You graduated. You’re certified. You’re ready to work as a full-fledged neonatal nurse practitioner. And of course, you want to find a new job right away. Keep in mind that your first NNP position will chart the course of your career path and ultimately shape your experiences, accomplishments, and reputation. [...]

Secrets Nurse Practitioners Are Using To Survive Mixed Shifts

Our candidates often talk to us about the struggles of flipping between day shifts and night shifts. As neonatal nurse practitioners, you will more than likely be asked to rotate your schedule. There’s no nice way to say this: rotating from day to night has the potential to wreak havoc [...]

What You Need to Know to Ace a Phone Interview as a Nurse Practitioner

In a previous post, The Right Way to Write Your Cover Letter, we compared your resume to a ticket to an exclusive party. But now that a prospective employer has agreed to interview you, this party just became more exclusive. Most NNP job interviews actually consist of two interviews: An [...]

Are You Satisfied with Your Nursing Job?

Are you satisfied with your job? The answer may not be as simple as you would think. Satisfaction with your job can be based on a multitude of complex factors that may or may not have crossed your mind. There are numerous ways to measure job satisfaction. Fredrick Herzberg was [...]