What You Need To Know About Relocation With Your Working Spouse

You’re considering relocation, and you have a spouse who will also need to seek employment. There are so many moving parts in a process like relocation that it’s easy to find yourself paralyzed, and unable to move onto the next step. So, we want to clear up one of the [...]

Why Using a Recruiter Doesn’t Mean a Lower Offer

We recently polled a group of candidates to find out what their biggest fear or hang-up was about partnering with us in their NNP job search. The most common answer we got back was that they were initially afraid that working with us would mean a lower salary offer for them [...]

The One Action You Should Take at the End of an Interview

When an NNP position opens up, the hiring authority will look at various resources to secure the best-qualified candidates, often coming up with as many as fifteen resumes. Of those resumes, eight seem to be qualified. Five stand out and will get an initial phone interview. After the phone interviews, [...]

Avoid the Split Personality Interview at All Costs

The next time you find yourself in the interview stage of a job search, you could be sending mixed messages to your interviewers without even knowing it. As an NNP interviewing at a new facility, you will be meeting with different people at various stages of this process. At the end of the interview process (resume [...]

The Right Way to Write Your Cover Letter

I often compare the hiring process to dating or parties. The interview is like a private exclusive party, and you need to have an invitation to get in. Your resume is your invitation, and if it’s not the right invitation, the bouncer is going to turn you away at the [...]

Didn’t Get a Call Back on Your Resume? This is Why.

One of the most common pitfalls for candidates during their job search is to exclusively submit their resume via the employer’s online application process. Most candidates take it for granted that submitting a resume online is the only avenue available to them, and that it’s automatically getting in front of [...]

What You Don’t Know About Offer Negotiations Can Hurt You

Most people are so caught up in their NNP salary they don’t realize how much they might be missing out on in their overall offer package. We emphasize to our candidates, you’re in an offer negotiation, not a salary negotiation. Here is what you need to know. Some things are not [...]

How to Stay Calm Under Any Kind of Pressure

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to always remain calm under pressure? Some managers, some quarterbacks…while others seem to constantly be scrambling for something to say or to avoid the rush? What we do know is that we tend to make poor decisions when we are unable to [...]

3 Steps for Avoiding Job Seeker Burnout

"I’ve put so much time and energy into this. If I keep going, how do I even know it will pay off?" "There’s no guarantee I’ll even get a job..." "I’m on my own, I can’t do this for much longer…" If any of these thoughts are going through your [...]

How to Find NNP Jobs That Aren’t Posted Online

Have you been searching everywhere for the perfect job, and just can't seem to find it online? If it’s out there, we’ll find it for you. Not all recruiters are created equally. In fact, many people aren’t even aware there is a difference between an employment agency and a search [...]